This page is not visible to anyone except those with the URL.

I am using it mainly for testing different aspects of creating webpages using WordPress. At the moment the page is showing selected videos from Vimeo which will be used on Megumi's Tartan-International site. I am also testing Dragon NaturallySpeaking as a source of input for the text on the page. Just now I heard a car starting so I think Megumi and Aimi are off to the doctors. Aimi has a fever and thinks she may have influenza and Megumi needs to get some medicine to tide her over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Here,in this right-hand column, I am going to use the same font in the same font size as the left side and also I'll try and change the paper colour.

In fact I will try and change the paper colour in both the left and the right side boxes. That's about all for now. Downstairs I can hear the Cherry is barking. I'm not sure if it's because he's been left alone or if it's because he wants to come up here. Usually if I go and bring him up here he will take a look around maybe lie down for a short time and then get up again and start barking to indicate that he wants to go downstairs again. I think after I have done this page and uploaded it I'll go down and bring him up.

That's all for now!

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