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Welcome to the new Gaijin-Eyes site — 5 Comments

  1. Onwards and upwards, Douglas – and, of course, Megumi! I’m looking forward to exploring the new site and benefitting from the Boris Red tutorials.
    Do I need to create a new user account or is the old one still valid?



    • Thank you Derek
      The site has been active for about 1 hour now.
      Many problems to be ironed out, but it is almost midnight now . . . . so it will have to be tomorrow1
      Douglas and Megumi

  2. I was never sure what “Gravatars” were until I started using WordPress to create this new site.
    Keep your eyes open for a step by step tutorial on making your own. I will be posting it as soon as I have made it.
    If you want to see a Gravatar in action now, just hover your mouse over the tiny picture of me in the upper left of any of my posts.

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