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  1. If you go to https://www.japanquakemap.com/ and then click on “Today” which is just under the main title on the page, you will see that the affected area has (at the time of witing this) already had 9 sizeable quakes.
    If you go to the link at a future date then you will, naturally, have to choose the appropriate date from the menu.

  2. Having created to main site and having begun to understand WordPress better, I am now gradually going back over the pages to make layout adjustments.
    This will mean that, as you browse through the site, you may see many pages that look like they are formatted differently. That is what to be expected until I have completed to adjustments.
    I have noticed that some videos do not seem to be playing at all. If you notice this, please contact me with details as to which page the video is on.
    Thank you

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