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Repackaged Early Video Tutorials for “mere Mortals” — 3 Comments

  1. Slowly, Alan
    Very slowly
    I find I have so many things I have promised others and even myself that I will do that I have developed my own way of getting things done.
    Basic method: work on promise 1 for a while, then change to promise 2 and when I get bored with it, move on to promise three and eventuall get back to promise 1 and so on….. until promises are gradually fulfilled.
    Flash method: as I am working through the basic method I sometimes get a flash of inspiration and without warning completely immerse myself in a promise and finalise it!
    The repackaging is under the basic method for the time being.
    I do not think you will see the first packet appear until, at least, the end of the first week in May.
    You have seen the lists of possible inclusions.
    Which packet looks most interesting to you?
    I will concentrate on doing that one first. Regards

  2. Alan, I have been inspired by your question!
    I am now well into the first tutorial bundle.
    Possibly ready for release by the 1st of May!
    More details later today or tomorrow.

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