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Vimeo on Demand – New Tutorial Series on BCC Title Studio — 2 Comments

  1. Hello Douglas,
    I am trying to create a simple text in MC. The background is a mixdown of 6 faces in ovals over a background of moving musical notes. That might not have any bearing on this situation. The title I created in Title Studio (Latest version in 2020) is a 6 second clip with a 1.5 second fade in and a 1l5 second fade out. The text plays as it should. Here is my issue, When the text appears on the screen, the background image goes dim and comes back after the title finishes playing. I am probably missing something very simple. I have tried changing the background to filter layer, and first below, but that seems to have no effect.
    Any ideas? (I’m sure you do)
    The Best

  2. Hello Denny,
    Here I am – very late as usual!
    To be honest, I have no answer that I can guarantee.
    Possibly something to do with lighting/lamps.
    Maybe putting the faces and notes in a container, the Title in another container, and try that.
    I am guessing you already either solved the problem or gave up on it.
    Sorry for this flakey answer.

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