Here are a few quotes from emails that I have received from happy fishermen:

"I must say I think your tutorials are professional and very easy to understand"

"I’ve just watched your tutorial for “BCC pan and zoom” and wanted to thanks very much it was really helpful."

"I find your the writing of your expriences as tutorials EXCELLENT, very easy on the mind"

"I am a follower of your excellent tutorials both on the Avid site and on yours.""I enjoy your tutorials, especially when it is suggested a geriatric like me needs to learn to crawl about."

"Just wanted to say very many thanks for your tutorials, they are excellent!"

"Just coming back to Avid after several years in FCP, and these are incredibly helpful in getting back up to speed"

"Thanks for all the great tutorials on Media Composer. I have been as director and editor for 10 years and I will use your tutorials for reference from time to time"

"You are incredible! I’ve been trying to figure out the multiple camera thing for quite awhile now and here it is! Thank you!!!!"


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