Avid's Media Management is not a totally rigid system with a few hard and fast rules.
It is a lot safer and easier to move media files and media folders around on your computer than you probably realised, once you have practiced.

This series on Extending Media Management breaks commonly accepted conventions and will show you media management in a new light.

Some of the points covered in the series

  • Organising your old MXF Folders
  • Moving Projects between Computers
  • Using an Assets Folder
  • Using Alpha-numeric Folder Names
  • Assets Template
  • Good Practice Suggestions
  • Dealing with unreferenced Files
  • MDV
  • Media Mover 3
  • Dylan's Templater
  • Advice from a MAC user
  • The right and wrong way of duplicating Sequences
  • Column Templates
  • Bins in Folders
  • External Projects Folders
  • PDF Guide

Here is a short video introduction to the series

Here are a selection of quotes from satisfied customers:

"It took away the allusion of something being dangerous; do not touch, out of my mind!"

"I've just completed going through your materials and so far so good: I have been creating and renaming "1" folders to my heart's content, have whipped the dreaded MXF folder into coherent shape, and merged two projects' media. All after a few days."

"I think Media Management was probably the best tutorial you made, and you make really good informative ones."

"I'm relatively new to MC and I find you and your colleague's measured approach to managing Avid media both calming and refreshing. Having just finished my first project, I also consider finding your tutorial last week fortuitous. Avid itself certainly doesn't seem to offer much on the subject."

"After 10 or more years of editing I came to media management rather late in the day
For me these Gaijin-eyes Media Management tutorials were a step by step guide that was very easy to understand. It explained how Avid 'thinks'. This helped me remember how it works.
They are a great way to help you avoid bad habits which otherwise could cost time and money later.
I loved the explanation behind the Assets folder with all your 'stuff' for each film project collected and easy to find.
I highly recommend these tutorials."

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