David Vincent Clarke (DVC) Tutorial Showcase

When I moved over to EDIUS, a few years ago, I was very happy to find that there were so many video tutorials available. Many different authors were involved in the creation of a wide variety of useful tutorials full of important information.

It did not take me long, however, to recognise that, for me, the most useful and the most user friendly ones were all created by David. On this page I will be posting examples of David's work. 

Now you might wonder why I should be promoting David on my Gaijin-Eyes site. The main reason is that my tutorials tend to cover 3rd party applications that can be used along with EDIUS (and other NLE's). I do not have the depth of knowledge that David has with EDIUS itself. Other than my own EDIUS Extended Media Management tutorials, I actually turn to David's tutorials to broaden my knowledge on the functions in EDIUS.
I feel that David's and my tutorials complement each other.

The following 5 tutorial's from David cover the new features found in EDIUS 8.5 . I have also included one from his series on new features in EDIUS 8.22, on using and importing LUTs for the Primary Colour Correction Tool. I only had a very sketchy knowledge of LUTs before I watched this tutorial. Now I am playing around with their possibilities to my heart's content.
Don't forget to surf around YouTube and look for more of David's tutorials.
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