EDIUS, like my previous NLE Avid Media Composer, has a very good media management system.
While I was still using Media Composer, an experienced professional editor friend of mine gave me some tips on how to improve and extend Media Composer’s media management.
I found his helpful instructions so useful that I made a five part tutorial series on his ideas and concepts.
When I came to EDIUS I wanted to be able to use a similar system to extend the possibilities of media management in EDIUS.

The core idea in my extended media management system is that everything, and I mean everything, that is connected, in any way whatsoever, to any given project is stored within a unique project folder.This concept of media management allows the transfer of projects to any other PC in the world, and have the project open without any offline media.

At present the series contains Part 1,2 and 3. A total of 30 minutes
Anyone who buys the present series before the end of February 2017 will be sent download links to get part 4 (when it is available) free of charge.
Part 4 will be about my Rules of good Practice in EDIUS Media Management.

Here is a short introduction to the series:

The Tutorials can be purchased from OUR SHOP for only $10


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