We now have a "Vimeo on Demand" subscription page.
At present there are 8 video tutorials and 3 bonus tutorials from our new "Learning to crawl in BCC Title Studio" series.
It works like this:

You subscribe and get access to the videos anytime you log-in. It is not time limited. You have unlimited access to the area.
As new tutorials are added, you will get an email notification (If you have chosen that option)
There will be no more added fees. Only a one time subscription.

At present, there are 8 video episodes and 1 bonus video from the series online.
They play for a total of 1 hour 47 minutes and are titled:

1. TSE_01 - Finding your way around BCC Title Studio
2. TSE_02 - Simple Text Exercises
3. TSE_03 Text Styles - Part 1
4. TSE_04 Text Styles - Part 2
5. TSE_05 Text Styles - Part 3
6. TSE_06 Splines - Part 1
7. TSE_07 Splines - Part 2
8. TSE_08 Splines - Part 3 - Draw an Animated Route Map

Bonus 1: Text to Spline, Bonus 2:TSE_08 Preview and Bonus 3: TSE_09 Basic look at 3D Objects in TS

The next projected tutorial will cover "A Shallow Dive into 3D Objects in BCC Title Studio", and is under production at the moment.

When you have time, please take a look at our Vimeo on Demand page.

The VOD page is    HERE

The information contained in the videos is not NLE specific.

Whether you are working with BCC Title Studio in Avid Media Composer, Grass Valley EDIUS, Adobe After Effects etc. is immaterial.