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    As you may have noticed, even I am now accepting the fact that Boris RED is not really alive anymore.
    Of course, it is still a very good functioning compositing application but . . . .
    I have had the opportunity to play around with BCC11 recently. In particular I have looked at Title Studio.
    Now, as you will have read elsewhere, I am in the process of learning a completely different titling application – Vistitle.
    Back to BCC11 and Title Studio.
    I can see that TS can be a very good alternative titler for ex-Boris RED users, who used RED mainly for titling.
    The interface in TS is very familiar to RED users. I found that I was able to start creating both simple and more advanced titles immediately.
    Added to this, the fact that most of the filters in BCC11 can be applied to created titles, makes it an excellent replacement for Boris RED. Well, apart from the price!
    For myself, I can see that Vistitle and the effects already native to EDIUS used in combination are a viable affordable replacement for my ageing Boris RED.


    I agree: BCC11 title studio is a good replacement for RED. Two things I am mssing: language (only english) and the possibility to use two-monitors. Boris told me: good ideas, we will add that in further releases.

    Within Avid RED5.6 starts to make problems. You get error messages: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library “This application requsted the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.”.

    So I switched to BCC11. You can discuss with them an acceptable prize.

    Best regards


    Hello Klaus-Dieter,
    I am sitting at my computer right now, making very basic tutorials on Title Studio in Japanese
    Well, to be honest, I am making them in English and my wife, Megumi, will be doing the Japanese voice overs.
    They will only be appearing in Japanese, at first.
    I can imagine that Boris will produce some sort of language pack in the future. They already had one for Boris RED, and much of the terminology is the same.
    Is BCC Continuum not available in German? Or is it only Title Studio that is not available in German?


    Hi Douglas,
    only Boris RED is in German but neither BCC11 nor Title Studio. They told me:

    Hi! The language pack is not currently supported in Continuum 11 but I’ll add this to our database as a feature request. Thanks, Peter.



    Sorry for the long delay in responding to your post Klaus-Dieter
    I would expect the German UI to be done before any Japanese one.
    We will just have to wait and see.
    I have noticed that even applications like Snagit have stopped producing Japanese UI versions.
    Probably the large amount of work needed to create the different language packs is one factor in the equation.
    Although Megumi and I are now producing tutorials in Japanese, we would never even consider trying to create a Japanese translation for any application. It is just too complex. Especially with Japanese, where ther are often no Japanese kanji characters for the various menus. Almost everything is done by converting the English to Katakana which is just the English words written phonetically, syllable by syllable. This means that even a simple title in English can result in a much longer string of katakana characters……. which do not fit into the menu areas designated to them.


    Hi Douglas,
    I was reading about the earthquake in Japan this morning, and was hoping that you and your family are safe and well. I have been dealing with a ruptured disk and Sciatica for the past several months which has sidelined me.
    Let me know when your tutorial for BCC 11 Title Studio is available. I would love to be a customer.
    All the best to you and yours,


    Hello Douglas,
    It was so good to receive your email this morning. I finally retired from my practice in January of this year after almost 60 years. After getting thru some serious health issues with my Wife, my Daughter, and myself, I am finally back to some semblance of normalcy,
    I am happy that you still are producing, what I have always felt are some of the finest tutorials I have ever used (for us mere mortals).
    I am happy to subscribe to your new series, and look forward to a renewed association with you.
    Wishing you and your family all the best.


    Thank you for your post, Denny.
    Sorry I have taken almost 2 months to reply.
    I have, however, a very good excuse.
    It reflects something you mentioned above – health issues.
    Let me give a minute by minute dramatisation of what I can remember about the initial events:
    December 16th, regular medical check.
    Coronary artery was looking a bit blocked.
    Doctor decides to run me through a few machines.
    Decides I need a STENT inserted.
    Check the site of the narrowed region and find a worse area 99.9% blocked.
    Throw me in an ambulance
    All sirens blasting.
    Rush me across Kumamoto to a hospital specialising in open-heart operations.
    In the operating theatre.
    I hear a surgeon’s voice, “We are going to begin now”
    As the anasthetic takes over, I feel something cold on my chest.
    Like swabs of cotton wool covered in some freezing liquid.
    I start getting visions of a whale being sliced up by thos huge knives they used in the old days.
    Then oblivion.
    Full operation for bypass surgery.
    Begin to regain consciousness about 48 hours later, full of tubes.
    Tubes in my nose, mouth, chest and more.
    I was not a happy chappy!
    Gradually, over the next week or so, a doctor would look at me and say, “I’ll remover the x tube now, and he would yank it out.
    The biggest tube went directly into my chest cavity.
    When it was time to yank that one out, I was able to feel like that guy in “Alien”, when the baby alien burst out of his chest!

    Arrived home on the 7th January.
    No tubes, but have to take it easy as my sternum heals back together again.
    Not allowed to drive for about another 3 months.

    Gradually building up my strength again.
    Tutorial creation are still being held up as my vocal cords have not recovered fully from the tubes.

    How’s that for an excuse?

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