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    Hi Douglas
    Regarding your problem with Quicktitler on the EDIUS forum.
    I can’t resolve your trouble but this is my experience.
    When I had my AVID MC PC built by DVC some six years ago it was built with VGA anti-virus. I later installed EDIUS on that PC and to my knowledge never had any problem that was caused by VGA.
    When I had my new PC built in December 2016 by DVC they installed “Panda Global Protection”. David told me they were having problems with VGA, hence the change.
    From my experience when updating EDIUS I never delete the version that is installed I just download the full program on my everyday PC copy it over to my editing PCs, with a USB stick, and Install the new one over the old and let EDIUS do the work which I does without any problems. Upgrading in EDIUS is so easy unlike MC which often caused me problems.
    I see you have a free version of VGA. I did use a free version of VGA on my mobiles and tablet but it never included the full benefits. I have been paying for VGA on one of my PC for about five years but they have increased the price so high I end my contract with them in two week’s time. I have Norton on my everyday PC and last year Norton changed their pricing and I use it on that PC and our mobiles and tablet. I understand it could be a problem with EDIUS.
    I use Quicktitler all the time. I think it is so quick and easy, especially when one has many lower thirds that are very similar. For any complicated titles I do use Boris RED but it is so slow and has to render everything.



    Thank you for those words Ken
    A week ago AVG updated me, without asking, to a demo of their paid version (I have 30 days to decide if I want it or not).
    With that update my EDIUS and MYNC started much quicker.
    The Quicktitler problem has been around for about 4 months – on my main computer. The other two computers we have here have similar setups with AVG free and have never had any problems.
    I’ll probably just live with things as they are until I upgrade to a new build later this year.

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