On this page I am a Scot and Megumi is the Gaijin!

Here we will be showcasing our videos on Scotland.
In August 2016 we were in Scotland for 17 days and shot over 500GB of material.
The ongoing project, at the moment, is to edit that material and show our holiday adventure in a, hopefully, interesting and entertaining way.
As each video is uploaded to our Vimeo site it will appear on this page automatically.



SCOTLAND — 2 Comments

  1. Wednesday 22nd February, just added a new video to the collection.
    My wife, Megumi, and I produced this little video as a present to the helpful and friendly staff at the Fife Folk Museum in Ceres, Scotland.
    Please note that there are “Closed Captions” available. They can be turned on by selecting “CC” at the bottom right of the screen, when playing the video.
    The video was edited with Grass Valley’s EDIUS 8.3. Some of the other applications used during the editing include Boris RED, Photodex Proshow Producer, Aegisub, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Adobe Audition CS4, Open Office and Sonicfire Pro 6.
    The whole project was co-ordinated and integrated into a single common. folder by using the Gaijin-Eyes Edius Extended Media Management concept

  2. Sunday 28th May 2017, added a new video. We started working our way through the material we captured while on holiday on Scotland last August…….. and have now reached day 3! Only 3 days done in about 9 months. Not really very speedy editing.
    Let’s hope that we can swish more quickly through the editing of the remaining 14 days.

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