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TORII – Tutorials On Request – Individual Instruction — 6 Comments

  1. Douglas,
    Having followed you from the days when Liquid was purchased by AVID and learning Media Composer from your 200 FREE AVID tutorials, I have purchased all, or almost all, of your tutorials and appreciate all of your efforts very much. Although I have now retired and no longer create videos for an employer, I appreciate your past efforts and hope this new direction is successful for you! While I am no longer a “professional,” I expect that my “hobby” may require your guidance from time to time and I will have no problem asking for your compensated advise! B the way, you may want to record all of your sessions to have on hand a collection of solutions, as you have done in the past with personal tutorial solutions. Good Luck, my friend!

  2. Douglas,
    I started my editing “career” with Pinnacle DV500 (and the included Adobe Premiere 6 NLE) in order to make my vacation travel videos a bit more watchable. In those days the software was relatively primitive and could be learned with a little bit of trial and error experimenting. Then Liquid came along, followed by Media Composer, each one becoming more complex (and more able) than the one before. Tutorials for learning these complex NLE’s fast became “mandatory” and yours were the best for beginners and hobbyists such as myself. The 200 free ones that you created for the Avid forum were a Godsend and the follow-up more organised and detailed ones for a reasonable price became a Must for editors.

    Your suggestion of individually tailored tutorials has merit, but also made me wonder how I would make use of that method. My thoughts, from an amateur, or hobby, editor’s viewpoint are that having a tutorial on my computer for watching at my own speed and for future reference would be more useful than a one-time Skype session. My suggestion therefore might be to have the request form filled out for a specific problem and then to create a short tutorial based on the written request. The tutorial (along with the original problem description) would then be available in a database list for all to see. Pricing could be based on downloading that tutorial plus a slightly higher price for a one-on-one Skype session. This would allow others to take advantage of the tutorial and open the possibility for a follow-up Skype session (for the additional “Skype” price) if the tutorial by itself would not solve a specific wrinkle of the original problem for other editors. Just my 2¢.

  3. Igor,
    Thank you for that in depth description of your take on the situation. I will consider them when making my final decision on what form I will go for.
    One major factor that will influence my final method is as follows.
    It can take around 15 to 20 hours for me to finish a 10 minute tutorial. Even then, there will be a lot of points in the tutorial that will be dead wood to different viewers.
    A one-on-one session will take 1 hour and I will be able to give the other part exactly what they are looking for.

  4. Hi Douglas
    My editing experience is very similar to Mike and Igor except my involvement has always only been a hobby. I started my editing with Pinnacle DV500 (that’s when I discovered David and all his expertise who has, unfortunately, recently had to give up on DVC. Then onto Liquid and then followed Media Composer. MC is a different ball game and if it hadn’t been for your tuorials that were mostly free I may not have found the evolution so enjoyable. I still think MC is brilliant and if it wasn’t for the price structure change I would have stayed with it but, as you know, have moved on to EDIUS.
    I have most of your tutorials and many from other presenters so if I need a particular feature I can draw information from them. Boris RED is a good example. It is so complex and powerful I cannot remember all its intricacies but I can normally find one of your tutorials, that I have previously saved, that will put me 75% of the way to where I want to be and modify it from there. I assume many other people will be in the same position.
    As is mentioned I also prefer to work at my own speed watching a tutorial. Even watching a tutorial is a learning curve itself because one may push the incorrect button by mistake and that is when one learns!
    If you want to try me out with Edius Media Management I’ll give it a go. You never did produce the final 4th session and I already use the management similar to your method.
    I don’t think your proposals would be anything I would be interested in for now. Perhaps if BORIS honoured their tempting offer of a couple of years ago with their free upgrade to RED version 6, with many improvements, then maybe but that would be an opportunity for you sell tuorials to many.

  5. Thank you for that feedback Ken
    A lot of interesting stuff that I am adding to my collected thoughts on the tutorial topic.

    The 4th session is alive somewhere in my brain. But it keeps getting pushed aside for other projects.

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