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Let me take an example of how the idea of "TORII" might have helped in the following case.

A  member of the Avid Video community asked a question on the Avid Forums recently.


The link in the member's question was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igY6LCKmrIQ

To date there have been no replies. By coming here, to Gaijin-Eyes, and requesting a "TORII" session, I would have been able to walk the member through one of the ways I would go about doing a similar effect in Boris RED. Of course, there would be a modest fee for the assistance, but the question would have been answered relatively soon and the member would also have had the opportunity to ask further questions during the one-on-one session.

To the right is an example of one of the results I was able to create in Boris RED.
The outer circle was easy to create. The part that took time was adding the percentages.
I had to add each number individually. I think that After Effects can probably do this via a script.
I didn't bother to add the "Loading" text in the example, but it would be a simple task.

However, once I had created the effect, the point is that by saving the effect as a .red file I could keep it as a template.
In the future I will not have to recreate the percentage counter part, if I wanted to re-use the effect.





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