Our Tutorials come in 3 flavours.
  FREE  Tutorials, which includes 2 flavours.  Fully edited FREE Tutorials and short,quick, sometimes unpolished FREE Tutorials

 PAID  Tutorials. where we try to persuade you to part with a little of your money to keep some rice on our table!


At the end of 2016 we deleted about 60 hours of video tutorials from our catalogue!

I know it sounds drastic, but we decided to start afresh in 2017. However, we still get questions about the possibility of purchasing some of the deleted content.
In particular we had one of the most extensive selection of video tutorials covering many aspects of Boris RED, or as Avid users knew it - Avid FX.
There has recently been an upsurge in interest in Boris RED and although the deleted tutorials are over 2 years old, they still apply to the current version of Boris RED and the last version of Avid FX.

We have decided to post the download link to a copy of our old catalogue.
If there are any tutorials listed that interest you, please email us and ask for a special quote.
Almost everything listed in the catalogue is still in our archives.



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