Megumi and I spend most of our time, here in Kumamoto, running a small private English Conversation "school". We have about 30 students and pupils from about 6 years old up top about 80 years old.
Megumi takes care of the grammar side of English (as a native English speaker I forgot about "grammar" soon after leaving school!)
I take classes with those students who want to improve their ability to speak English. As you may know, the Japanese are wellknown for their inability to actually speak English after studying it for 6 years at school. Reading and writing skills are quite good, but not actual conversation!

Our other way of spending our time is in the video, photography, editing and computer fields. I am doing my best to get this Gaijin-Eyes site running smoothly. I am using WordPress for the first time (previously I did everything in Dreamweaver). WordPress is proving very intuitive. So much so that Megumi is in the process of constructing a site for our Conversation school. It will be found at and will, at first, be only in Japanese.

Our interest in capturing memories on a variety of media means that we try to get out and about as much as possible.
It keeps our minds off the earthquakes and typhoons!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post below.



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