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We are gradually updating and changing the layout and content of the site.

Some pages will disappear completely, others will be relocated and new pages will pop up.

Some changes will be very noticeable. Others less so. Please be patient while the changes take place.


Getting Started

Please come in, sit down by the fire and make yourself at home.

Welcome Page!

An essential part of the site are the Forums.
It is through them that the site gets "life".
You will have to be a registered member if you want to start posts or reply to threads.


We have decided to remove our "SHOP".

Instead, some new tutorials will have an option to purchase for a nominal fee.
Why would you pay a fee to download any tutorial which you can already watch here for free?
Downloaded files will also contain some documentation that will include additional tips on the topic.
In some cases there may be media clips included.

To the Tutorials

During the reconstruction of our site there is likely to be a number of glitches. For now all tutorials on the site should be accessible to all visitors. There will, however, be a Members area in the future.

Video Gallery

Even after 17 years in Japan, my gaijin-eyes still find so many interesting things that catch my eye. I try to capture what I see and present it in an informative and interesting way.

Examples of my earlier work and my more recent projects can be found by using the button below.


Although I have lived abroad longer than in my native Scotland, I still try to find enough time and money to visit home.

Unfortunately visits are few and far between. So I try to keep the memories alive through my videos.

Last year my wife, Megumi, and I were in Scotland for 17 days. We have been editing the mateial for over a year now. So far we have reached Day 5 !


Yesterday was the 31st of March**

Almost 8 years ago today, I uploaded a link to a new video tutorial of mine, to the Avid Media Composer forums.

It caused a bit of a stir!

Today, the day after the 31st of March** I am re-uploading this ground breaking Avid shortcut for any of you who missed it 8 years ago.



** What day comes after the 31st of March - every year?