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Upcoming Video Tutorials - Sneak Peek

Drawing a Route Map with BCC Title Studio
As I have now, almost completely moved from Boris RED to Boris BCC Continuum, I have started to explore the new possibilities of doing some of my most used Boris RED effects in Title Studio. Here is the result of my first attempt. The Video Tutorial will be available in the Members Tutorials Area in the near future.

Making a Video Wall in Proshow Producer for insertion in your NLE

Another application that I am going to cover with new Video tutorials is Proshow Producer. I find that although my NLE can do effects, like a video wall, there is a greater range of creative possibilities available by using Proshow to make the "walls" and them import theminto the NLE.  The Video Tutorial will be available in the Members Tutorials Area in the near future.

Other Video Tutorials planned shortly

As an introduction to my new Video Tutorials on BCC Title Studio, I am going to produce one with the title, "Is RED dead?" Just to satisfy your curiosity, I will be suggesting that RED is not dead, but rapidly metamorphosing!

There will be more! But I want to have some finished Tutorials online before I get ahead of myself.

EDIUS 9.2 Information

Video Presentation of some EDIUS 9.2 Features

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It is through them that the site gets "life".
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We also have a number of tutorial collections and individual tutorials that can be purchased through our shop.


Boris RED/AvidFX Bundle

The first "bundle" for mere mortals on Boris RED/ AvidFX is now ready for purchase in the Shop



I have added a new page under EDIUS in the Members Tutorials Area. On the page I will be showcasing some of the extremely useful EDIUS tutorials by David Vincent Clarke.


Video Gallery

The TPKS Keyboard Shortcut in Avid Media Composer

Yesterday was the 31st of March**

Almost 8 years ago today, I uploaded a link to a new video tutorial of mine, to the Avid Media Composer forums.

It caused a bit of a stir!

Today, the day after the 31st of March** I am re-uploading this ground breaking Avid shortcut for any of you who missed it 8 years ago.



** What day comes after the 31st of March - every year?

Videos of Japan

Even after 17 years in Japan, my gaijin-eyes still find so many interesting things that catch my eye. I try to capture what I see and present it in an informative and interesting way.

Examples of my earlier work and my more recent projects can be found by using the button below.


Videos of Scotland

Although I have lived abroad longer than in my native Scotland, I still try to find enough time and money to visit home.

Unfortunately visits are few and far between. So I try to keep the memories alive through my videos.

Last year my wife, Megumi, and I were in Scotland for 17 days. We have been editing the mateial for over a year now. So far we have reached Day 5 !


Terraced Rice Fields

Tutorials in Japanese

Tutorials in Japanese 日本語版チュウトリアル

Now we have started helping Boris FX produce Japanese voice overs for some of their existing tutorials. We also started producing a series of tutorials in Japanese. The first group of tutorials will be about BCC Title Studio.
We have started a Forum section where we keep you up to date with news about the Japanese venture.